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About Shop Services

   Our shop team prides itself on offering reliable and affordable in-house services to fit all your computer needs. Our technicians have a wide range of expertise so whatever your problem is we have an experienced tech that can help you find a solution! See a list of our most commonly performed services below. If you don't see the specific service you need, give us a call! We are expanding our services all the time!

Our Process in the Shop:

  1.  When we arrive at your place you will be greeted with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our staff that will be happy to assist you in checking out your device(s) (and any necessary peripherals). Note that there is a need to make an appointment for our shop services!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  2. At your request, you will be provided with a receipt detailing the items you left for repair, the initial problem you were having with the device, and the max repair cost you approved.                                                                      

  3. After diagnostics are completed the tech will determine the best solution for repair. If the repair can be completed under the minimal pre-approved repair costs, the tech will proceed with the repairs. If the repair requires any parts or services above your pre-approved repair amount, you will be contacted and given a detailed explanation of the additional necessary repairs and repair costs.                                                                    

  4. Once the repair is finished you will be notified either by phone or email that your device is repaired and ready to be picked up! 


*Service/wait times vary depending on the service being performed and the current workload in the shop. Give us a call and we should be able to tell you what the current estimated service/wait time is. 

Hardware & Software Diagnostics - $60*

   Does your PC seem to be starting slower than normal? Are you getting a blue screen? Are you not sure what is wrong but just know it isn't acting the way it should? Let us take a look at it! We perform full hardware and software diagnostics in our shop on all models of Desktops, **Laptops, and All-In-Ones. (This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.)


*Diagnostic fee is due upon check-in and is applied towards the total bill should you decide to have the device repaired. 

**An additional $29 disassembly fee is added for hardware diagnostics of Laptops & All-In-Ones.

Computer Repair - $180+Parts (As Needed)

   This service includes full hardware and software diagnostics and repair. If the repair costs are going to exceed the pre-approved repair amount, you will be contacted with the additional costs prior to proceeding with the repair.

Laptop/All-In-One Hardware Repair - $180+Parts

   We perform full hardware diagnostics and repair on all models of Laptops and All-In-Ones right in our shop! This includes services such as screen repair/replacement, power port replacement, fan replacement, and more.

+Add Virus Removal/Tune-Up & Optimization to any hardware service for only $59!

Hard Drive/SSD Upgrade or Replacement - $180+Part

   Whether you have a failing or failed hard drive, or simply want to upgrade to a larger or faster drive, we can help! We will install the new drive, operating system, o/s updates, and all necessary drivers.


*Note all software/programs will need to be re-installed by the customer. You will also need to re-connect your device to your home network and re-install the drivers for any peripherial devices (e.g. printers). 


+Add data backup/transfer to any service for only $69 or data recovery/transfer for only $99! 
*Note this is for data only (i.e. documents, pictures, music), software/programs are not included. 

Virus Removal + Tune-Up - $180

   With this service, we will perform a thorough scan on your system and remove any viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and trojans. Then we will perform a full tune-up and optimize your computer to get the best performance possible out of it! We will run full diagnostics on your system and repair any operating system errors found. We will run clean-up utilities; clean-up the start-up menu, temporary files, and registry; remove unnecessary add-ons and programs; install operating system updates; and ensure you have an active antivirus on your system. 


*Note that as part of the cleanup process your browsing history and memorized passwords may be deleted. 


+Add Virus Removal/Tune-Up & Optimization to any service for only $59!

Operating System Upgrade/Wipe & Reinstall - $180

   With this service, we will wipe and re-install (or upgrade) your operating system, install o/s updates, all necessary drivers, and a free antivirus. 


*Note all software/programs will need to be re-installed by the customer. You will also need to re-connect your device to your home network and re-install the drivers for any peripheral devices (e.g. printers). 


+Add data backup/transfer to any service for only $69! 

Software & Email Installation/Repair - $180

   We can install new software on your computer and/or help resolve installation issues or conflicts with your existing software. We also offer email setup and troubleshooting to help you stay connected as easily as possible.

Data Backup/Transfer - $180

   Whether your computer is having problems and you need the data transferred or you just want to setup a scheduled backup on an external drive or setup an online backup, we can help! There is no limit to the amount of data we can help you backup and transfer.


+Add data backup/transfer to any service for only $69!

*Note this is for data only (i.e. documents, pictures, music), software/programs are not included. 

New Computer Setup - $180

   Transitioning to a new computer is exciting but can also be overwhelming when you are trying to get it all setup. Let us make it easier! Bring in your new computer to us and we can get it all setup for you! We will remove any unnecessary manufacture bloatware and transfer your *data (as able) from your old computer to your new one. If you need help further customizing the setup of your computer, see PC Customizing


*Note that the data transfer does not include programs/software. Programs/software will need to be installed by the customer. 

PC Upgrades - Pricing Varies
Data Recovery - Starts at $180

   When all hope seems lost, you can trust that we will do everything we can to recover your data. Whether your computer is running or not, we will remove your hard drive for the PC and *attempt data recovery. If we are unsuccessful you will only be billed for the diagnostic fee!


*Unfortunately data recovery cannot be guaranteed and is dependent on the type of failure experienced as well as the steps taken immediately following the loss. 

**This service is for data only; we do not recover/transfer programs.


+Add data recovery/transfer to any service starting at $99!

   Many PCs can be upgraded and perform as well as a new PC for half the cost. Let us evaluate your computer and tell you what upgrades will improve your reliability, speed, and performance. If after evaluation we determine that your PC is not worth upgrading, we will tell you and help you navigate upgrading to a new system!



*Pricing starts at $180+Parts for Desktop Upgrades & $190+Parts for Laptops/All-In-One Upgrades.

Custom Build PC - $399+Parts

Wanting to build the PC for your dreams? We can help! We will consult with you on your PC usage and budget and provide you with a detailed estimate prior to building the PC. Once you approve the estimate, we will order the parts and get to building the machine you have always wanted!


*Payment for parts is due prior to purchasing. 

**We can only warranty parts that we purchase.

Purchasing Equipment - Pricing Varies

   We can assist you with purchasing new or used equipment for your home or your small business. Whether you are looking for a new or refurbished PC, new or used PC parts, or networking equipment, we can help! 

Free Recycling - No Charge

   We recycle computers and peripheral devices for FREE! This service includes free data destruction! Give us a call if you are unsure if we recycle your particular device.

Specialty Add-on Services

Pickup & Delivery Services

In addition to our normal shop services we offer a few specialty add-on services that can be applied to most of our shop repairs. The cost for the add-on services is in addition to the shop repair rate. 

Add-On Rush - Additional $75 for Services, Parts Pricing Varies

   In a rush??? We can help! We can put a rush on services and/or rush order parts to get you back in action quickly!


*Only available on applicable services/parts! Speak with a team member to find out if we can rush your service/part!

Add-on Pickup & Delivery w/ Re-Setup - Additional $55 - $75

   In addition to our Pickup & Delivery Service, we offer a Flat Rate Pickup & Delivery with Re-Setup service. With this service, we will schedule your pickup, repair your device in the shop, and then upon delivery we will re-setup your computer, reconnect it to your existing wired/or wireless network and compatible peripheral devices (such as your monitor(s), speakers, docking station, and printer/scanner).


+$65 Within 10-mile radius of our shop.

+$85 Within 11-60 mile radius of our shop. 

Add-On Pickup & Delivery - Additional $25 - $45 

   Give us a call to schedule our Pickup & Delivery service! A Team Member will schedule to come to your home during an appointed 1-hour window to pickup and transport your computer back to the Miracle-PC Shop for repair. Once the device is repaired a team member will contact you to explain the repairs performed and to schedule an appointment to drop the computer back off. We do request that you have your computer unhooked from all power cables and peripheral devices for when the team member comes to pick it up. 


+$25 - Within 10-mile radius of the shop.

+$45 - Within 11-60 mile radius of the shop. 


*This service does not include resetting up the computer or reconnecting peripheral devices.

**Payment for services is due at time of drop-off. 

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