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Small Business Services

Benefit from our Expertise as your IT Partner

As well as offering all of our traditional computer repair services, we also offer a variety of specialized services for our Small Businesses including (but not limited to): 

  • Server Setup & Maintenance (Windows Server, Exchange Server, SBS, & Redhat)

  • Wired & Wireless Networking (Internal & External)

  • Internet & Broadband Setup

  • Remote Site Deployment

  • Email Setup & Maintenance

  • Security & Performance

  • Phone and Wireless Solutions

  • Budget Consulting

  • Employee Training

  • *Servicing Windows & Mac O/S Environments!

We Offer:

  • Remote Services that frequently allow us to diagnose and repair your IT problems right away!

  • Pickup & Delivery Service if extensive testing/repair is necessary.

  • Full hardware diagnostics and repair in our shop so your device doesn't get shipped anywhere!

  • Onsite Services scheduled for a tech to arrive within a 1 hour arrival window.

  • Services outside your normal business hours so you don't experience any unnecessary down time!

  • Emergency Services available day or night! (Minimal additional fee for emergency services). 

  • Client tailored services/payment plans! Pay-per-instance, Pre-pay, and Continuous Support/Prevention Plans.

  • No contracts required ever! You are free to utilize our services as you choose!

  • 30 Day guarantee on all of our servics. If you are not 100% satisfied, then neither are we!

  • The experience & expertise of a team of techs! We work together to offer you the best service!

  • Online Service Request Forms to make requesting our services quick and easy!

Small Business Support Services

   Small Business Support Services are available in all the options stated below (Remote Support, Onsite Services, Pickup & Delivery Services, and Shop Services) with some additional structure to help with your budgets.


Pay Per Instance

   With this option, you will be billed monthly* as you require service at the rates that are described below.


Monthly Contract Pricing

   With this option, you will be charged a flat amount each month, based on an estimate of the service requirements for your business. This amount will be held on account and your account will be charged based on service usage. This amount if unused in the current month is considered expired. All amounts held on the account may be used against service fees only. All equipment, parts, and materials must be approved by you and paid for separately. Any Services provided over and above the balance held on the account will become due immediately**. This option requires a 12-month agreement and the set amount of hours purchased each month may only change three times during the course of the contract. This option requires a minimum purchase of 10hrs and entitles you to a 15% discount on all service fees.


*Monthly Billing is always Net 10 and only available to clients who have been approved. New clients will need to have an active Credit Card on file to pay for any charges immediately.

**Overages will be due immediately and will either be billed if client has been approved or will require the client to have a an active Credit Card on file.

Small Business Services Support Options & Pricing

Remote Support
  • Our Remote Support Team will talk you through the troubleshooting and repair process.

  • If necessary a team member can then use our remote viewing solution to actually see and interact with you during the process.

  • The team member can also take the time to answer any questions you may have regarding every aspect of your computing needs.


Cost: $99.00/Hour billed in hourly increments (i.e. 45min is billed at 1 hr, 2hr 30min is billed at 3 hrs).

Onsite Services
  • We will bring the experience of the entire Team to you. Your Team representative will call you to assess the issue in order to come out to your location with all things necessary to solve. Our goal is to get you up and running smoothly and in most cases the same day.

  • Your Team Representative will give you a 2-hour window for their arrival. Upon arrival, they will assess the situation and come up with the best solution to get you up and running quickly. They will consult you all the way through the process and answer any questions you may have regarding the solutions they are implementing.


Cost: $159.00/Hour (+$45 Trip Charge for Onsite Appointments under 2 Hours located within 11-60 Mile radius of Miracle-PC Shop.)

Pickup and Delivery Services
  • We will have a member of our team come to you, unhook your computer and other peripherals, and transport your computer back to our Shop for repair.

  • After diagnostics are completed the tech will determine the best solution for repair. If the repair can be completed under the minimal pre-approved repair costs, the tech will proceed with the repairs. If the repair requires any parts or services above the pre-approved quote you will be contacted and given a detailed explanation of the necessary repairs and repair costs.

  • Once the repair is completed you will be contacted to schedule the delivery of the repaired device. 


Cost: Services are billed at $99.00/Hour+Parts or a flat $180+Parts depending on the instance. There is a minimal pickup and delivery fee of $25 if within a 10-mile radius of the Miracle-PC Shop or $45 if in 11-60 mile radius of Shop. 

Reviews from our Small Business Clients

   Miracle-PC has done a lot of work for us and have always been very responsive to our computer, email, IT needs. Thank you for such great service and above all for fixing the issues! Great Job!

Randy Pickering, Owner of Pickering's Auto Service

Review from

   "The Company has always responded in a timely manner by returning phone calls, answering phone calls immediately or coming into our system and fixing the problems at hand. I have worked with Dave from the inception of his business and have no plans of ever leaving his services. GREAT COMPANY!!!"

Lou Ann Wedgwood, Owner of Hughes Wedgwood & Company, LLC

Review from

   "As a small business owner that is just knowledgeable enough about technology to mess it up, I was so relieved to finally find Dave and his crew at Miracle PC. I have had 4 different computer repair companies out to work on some networking and hardware issues that we had over the course of a year or so and each time I spent a bunch of money and came away with a partial solution or a new "work around" to deal with. Dave was efficient and completely honest with us from the beginning. I won't use anyone else for our technology / computer needs from now on."

Tyler Smith, Owner of Mountain Mist Pool & Spa

Review from

   "Great same day service. I had a young, but highly qualified, technician come to my home. He was in and out in about one hour. He was polite and explained a lot of the process. For the same day service and expertise, I'm very satisfied with Miracle-PC, Inc."

Jamin Mayer, Owner of Parker Tree Service

Review from

   "I do not know what I would do with out these guys, and Kelly! They are professional, on time, polite, they have a great sense of humor, especially dealing with someone like me who is a complete idiot when it comes to anything computer related!! Dave and his team have come to my rescue multiple times night and day and I can't even begin to tell you how GREAT it is to have someone take care of your business when under a crisis situation!! At least I am in the crisis situation! Thanks for all you have done for us...we are so grateful."

Marie Raines, Owner of Snifters Wine & Spirits

Review from

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